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Thank you in advance for your patience as we tune up the new website, Hope all links will soon send you to flavorful and helpful destinations. Our story started a long time ago- when delicious Natural Herbs and Spices were enjoyed by our ancestors on all different continents. Some spices were also used as Medicines. Back then, Salt and Sugar were essential in the process of curing Meats- which would then be cooked over hot stones or a wood burning fire. We bet those early BBQs “Rocked!”.  ;)

Fast forward to 2014, Nutritionists are finding that less dependence on Salts and Sugars is a strong component to heather diets. Chefs around the world are creating amazing dishes incorporating the savory and sweet flavors of natural ingredients (like Honey, Garlic and Smoked Bacon). That’s where TasteeBQ comes in. He has traveled the world in search of the most tasty and beneficial herbs and spices, and carefully blended them together for your enjoyment. These Rubs add a new meaning to “Superfoods”.

Created by Tastee BQ Grilling Co.- a Los Angeles BBQ Caterer that specializes in Healthier Gourmet Grilling. We decided to bottle the combination of flavors that have been enjoyed by thousands of local clients and their guests.  It is our goal to “Make the World a Better Place to Eat”. The first bottle of POWER Rub was sold in late May 2013 at a Memorial Day Party in Beverly Hills, CA. Since then, California Gold BBQ Rubs have been enjoyed by people around the world.

Our blend of flavors is so special, that we wanted the seasonings to be accessible to everyone’s diet. That is why they are Gluten Free. With lower levels of Salt and Sugars, POWER Rub contains Ginger and Cocoa for healthier energy. The new HEROIC! Rub is 100% pure Natural Herbs and Spices with no added Salt, Sugar or Preservatives. Both blends are seasoned to taste great right from the bottle as an Instant Seasoning, overnight Marinade or BBQ Sauce Mix. [Patent Pending].

Not just for BBQ, the international flavors found in California Gold BBQ Rubs can be found in all sorts of dishes around the world, From Kebabs, to Paella, Marinara Sauce, Lamb, Jambalaya and Turmeric Tea in Okinawa, Japan. Add them to your favorites, as well as your “recipes in progress”, to taste the difference.

Our story...

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From Mick:

“Thank you for the opportunity to share my favorite flavors with you. For years, our Los Angeles Catering company has been on the forefront of Healthy and Delicious Grilling. Everywhere I travel, and tell people about our style of BBQ, they always ask “When will I get a chance to try it?” It would be impossible to cook everywhere for everyone. So I put our recipes into California Gold BBQ Rubs (CGBR). If you have access to Amazon.com, you can now try it anytime.

One of my Chef idols Emeril once had a cooking show featuring his Essence. I still have a bottle in my pantry and a version of his Gaggenau Cooktop (with Grill and Deep Fryer) in the kitchen. He used to wish they could create something called “Smell-O-Vision”- so we could smell whatever it is he was cooking. Now we have Internet. With POWER and the new blend HEROIC!, our goal is a achieve “Taste-O-Vision”- where you can see a CGBR photo or video and have the ability to taste it at home. Our Recipes will come without the list of 11-15 ingredients you would need to replicate our Rubs.

Finally, I wanted to Thank all of my Family, Culinary Inspirations, Business Mentors and Friends (online and off) for your help. Of course, also the customers who have purchased our Rubs and shared them with others. Without your support we could not have made it this far. I hope to make many new Friends in the future as the world wakes up to healthier and more delicious cooking with the use of Superfoods. Eat and Be Well.”

-Mick Brown, creator California Gold BBQ Rubs

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