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Introducing CALIFORNIA GOLD BBQ RUB(s)- Our first blend is called "POWER". It features 9 Great SuperFoods, including Garlic. Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cocoa and Sea Salt. Simply delicious right out of the bottle, sprinkle it to season Popcorn, Chips, Pizza, Roast or Fried Chicken and much more. POWER is Gluten Free and can be used as a Dry Rub marinade for Meat, Fish and Vegetables before Grilling, Baking, Frying or Sauteing your favorite foods.

The most unique and exciting thing is that both HEROIC! and POWER can also be used as a base for making your own Homemade BBQ Sauce! Just heat it with your favorite Juice add a splash of Cider Vinegar and you have a fantastic BBQ Sauce. From there you can add Molasses, Tomato Paste, Grilled Onion, or Fruit to create a unique sauce that is better than anything out of a bottle.

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● Delicious and Gluten Free, POWER Rub isn't just for BBQ. It has nearly    95% Premium Herbs & Spices. Enjoy this exotic blend of flavors right    from the bottle.

● Easy to use an Instant BBQ Seasoning on Chips, Popcorn, Nuts,    Salads,etc...

● Mix with your favorite Fruit Juice for Homemade BBQ Sauce

● 10 oz. size is Economical, with 9 SuperFoods including Garlic, Cumin,    Turmeric, Onion, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cocoa and a small amount of Sea    Salt.

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● A perfect Instant BBQ Seasoning for Popcorn, Salads or Snacks right from the    bottle.

● Season Meats and Veggies just before cooking or Marinate overnight. Great for    Grilling, Baking or Frying.

● Heat with Fruit Juice and Apple Cider to make unique Gluten Free BBQ Sauces.

● No Salt or Sugar has been added. Feel free to toss in any Sidekicks you desire.

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